Authority Website Building Service

No, we will not use a fancy screenshot of our portfolio website earnings to entice you into buying a deal. If you are reading this, you probably already know who we are. We have been building authority websites for 3+ years now and our work has been featured on many places. We even did public case studies with sites like that we built from scratch and sold. 

If you are looking for a service that takes out the hassle of creating an authority website from scratch and delivers you a content ready solution, this is it. 

Why Should You Try Our Authority Site Building Service? 

We have built 400+ websites over last 3 years to know exactly how a website should look and 'feel' like. An authority website is the ultimate solution as it gives you room for growth and at the same time, opens door to multiple revenue streams. Though most of our clients start with Amazon and a few other affiliate programs, you will thank yourself later for keeping the door open for other opportunities. 

Market Analysis & Keyword Research

Every website that we build is done on the back of solid market & keyword research. We don't just pick a keyword like best dog beer and jump in. We do our research to make sure that your website and industry has room for entry and will be in growth and maturity phase for next 5 years. 

Quality Content

Every word we write on your website are of native quality. Our content service is one of the highest rated content production services around and it is the same team who will be writing for your blog. Depending on the package, some websites end up with up to 30,000 words. 

Awesome Design

Built on WordPress on top of Genesis, Divi and a few other themes, you get a solid design to be proud of. We take care of everything from creating the logo to creating quality infographic that will wow your audience. 

Social Profiles & Signal

We do not only create your social profiles but also send the first batch of signal to make sure that your website is out of sandbox as soon as possible. 

Lifetime Support

Any design issues? Need SEO advise? Need to grow or sell your website? We are just an email or a chat away. 

On Page Optimized

Every page of the website we deliver is on page optimized. In most cases, the keywords start to get into the top 10 pages of Google even before we deliver the website. 


For someone who needs a solid keyword research and basic site without a ton of content. 



  • Niche & Keyword research
  • Well designed logo
  • Optimized with a quality design
  • On page optimized
  • 5000 words of content
  • Email support

You don't have time and want an expert to create a standard website for you to grow



  • Everything from the basic plan
  • Total content: 15,000 words
  • Keyword research file with 100 keywords to target
  • Email opt-in setup
  • Optimized for conversion

I have had the pleasure of working with Passive Journal over the past years. Their extensive knowledge over SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very impressive and his ability to rank websites is second to none. I have no hesitation recommending Khalid & the team to anyone looking to achieve greater visibility online, increase sales and ultimately bottom line profits. 

Eoin Christie, Chrristie Web Solutions

I have worked with Passive Journal on a number of projects in past few years, and they have never failed to wow me. The experience, advice and knowledge are second to none. And coming from someone who has been in this industry for a number of years, this shows how good he is. I have purchased site & multiple services from Khalid's team and the support has been great. I see Khalid & Passive Journal as a mentor and friend now. 

Adam Smith, Crunch Simply Digital

Great work from Passive Journal to rank us on top 2 for very specific keywords. He not only did the work but taught me a lot about how the different aspects of SEO are affecting my site. 

Won't hesitate to recommend them to anyone interested in content marketing. 

Brett Far,  Blick Digital

I had the opportunity to work with PJ & team on our startup grind project. 

In a short span of time, they were able to not only improve our visibility by more than 200% but also managed to rank some of our targeted keywords on page 1. 

Galvin Green , G for Startups

Commonly Asked Questions

Who'll buy the domain and hosting? 

How long does it take to deliver the site? 

Can I tell you about my keyword and topic preferences? 

How soon will I make money from the site? 

Do I have to work on the site once you deliver? Or is it all 'passive income'? 

Can a beginner order this and become successful?

How do I monetize the site? 

What does the support look like? 

Still have questions? Send us an email at

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